Hi! I'm Nai  n-eye /

I'm a motion and visual designer currently living in Austin, TX.
Growing up on the mediterranean, I soaked up a lifetime of vivid colors of nature, sea and sunsets. While my wardrobe tends to be governed by black, I pour all the colors I've stored into my work. 
As a designer, I love negative space and grids; they create clean boundaries and bring balance to a composition. At the same time, I'm a sucker for analogue, hand-made and chaotic aesthetics; they create dynamic, energetic designs that are perfectly imperfect. 
My design aesthetic combines the two; think Fabrizio Moretti with scruffy hair, wearing worn out converse paired with a suit blazer.  Put differently, a cross between Massimo Vignelli and David Carson, my two favorite designers (although not as genius as either, but I welcome 'the room to grow' this provides).
In my non-designer time, I'm an adult pursuing the childhood hobbies I didn't get to do much; roller blading, skateboarding, surfing, and the one I've been lucky to do ever since I could walk; skiing. 
If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you!
You can reach me at: 
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