Arbor Collective is the first, and to this day, one of the few brands to address sustainability in skateboarding. And yet, with an aging following of mostly older millennials, it is falling behind on popularity amongst younger skateboarders who align most with its environmental mission. Our key objective was to position Arbor Collective as the #1 brand for sustainable skateboards.
The result is an award winning multifaceted approach; refreshing the brand strategy, updating the brand identity and launching an advertising campaign calling every skateboarder to Become an Arborist. 
Why take this approach? The problem we identified is that skateboards are primarily made from Canadian maple trees that take 40 to 60 years to grow. The average skateboarder needs to replace their board every 2 to 3 months.
With skateboarding being a growing industry popular amongst teenagers, studies show that teenagers worldwide are most concerned about environmental issues, which seems at odds with the industry’s taxing impact on the environment.
The solution: Introduce a board made from reclaimed wood and establish Arbor as THE brand for sustainable skateboards.
Arbor Collective
What Was Delivered:
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Advertising Campaign
Art Director: Nai Obeid
Copywriter: Rick Rickner
American Advertising Awards
- Social Media - Branding
- Logo Design - Social Media - Integrated Campaign
- Art Direction
- Outdoor Board - Copywriting
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