Being beautiful isn’t how you look, being beautiful is what you do.
For the last 20 years, the standard of beauty has been defined by Dove. What about the next 20 years?
Studies show that when you do beautiful things for other people, you become more beautiful to them. But, like any good habit, making beautiful actions a part of daily life is difficult.
Since it takes about 18 days to form any habit, what if Dove launched the 18 Days of Beauty challenge to help us build the habit of doing beautiful things every day. Using an app, Dove helps us plan and execute acts of beauty.
Promoted by influencers, people are encouraged to join the challenge and share their moments of beauty. From out-of-home marketing to special product packaging, doing beautiful things becomes as rewarding as using Dove’s products.
The 18 Days of Beauty Challenge evolves the definition of beauty in a way that keeps Dove as the standard bearer of defining true beauty.
What Was Delivered:
Campaign Strategy
Advertising Campaign
Art Director: Nai Obeid
Copywriter: Riley Rudy
Young Ones Awards
- Integrated Campaign - Mobile App
- Social Media
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