Stryke Club is on a mission to help guys find effective skin care products that work for their lifestyle, because everyone deserves to feel confident and love the skin they’re in. With a new line of products about to launch and an expanding market presence, they approached Kat & Carter for a dynamic and engaging social media and digital ads campaign to showcase their latest product line.
The campaign concept is a play on the idiom “join the club”. It conveys a message of belonging, assuring teens that they're not alone in their skincare journey. The phrase “join the club” not only creates a feeling of belonging but it’s also a call to action to actually join Stryke Club. The visual approach is vibrant to reflect the energy of the campaign and complement the tagline. 
Stryke Club
Kat & Carter
What We Delivered
Social Media Campaign
Digital Ad Campaign
Branding: Dan Rowland
Copywriter: Carter Pagel
Photographer: Zach Kracht
Designer: Nai Obeid
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